About us

A place to come out of the storm

Rainbow Children’s Village, established in September 2005, is a temporary place of safety for sexually, physically and emotionally abused and abandoned children between the ages of 3 and 10.  We do however, look at each case individually, and will take in children younger or older than the stipulated ages, in the case of emergencies and permission from the Department of Social Development.

Situated on the Westrand, the home is in an ideal position to accept destitute children from hospitals, police stations and non-governmental organisations operating in the area.

Our primary focus is to offer a temporary home to young children whose own home circumstanced are not conducive to their safety and well-being.

Our place of safety is not an orphanage – most of the children do have biological parents and if conditions improve, they are re-united with their parents, otherwise, placed in foster care or children’s homes.

Working with relevant governmental institutions and private stakeholders, we ensure that the children have at their disposal, counselling and support and a loving and caring home environment.

Our small team of highly qualified staff and volunteers ensure that the house is not only a roof over their heads and a place to eat and sleep, but rather a home to make friends and family.  Over the last 18 years, the home has transformed from a safe house to a foster home and back again to a temporary place of safety and is an important part of the community.

Rainbow Angel Programme

Join our Rainbow Angel Programme for as little as R100 per month and you can assist in providing a child in need with a roof over their head, food in their tummy, a warm bed at night and a loving and caring home.  Subscribe now to receive regular newsletters about our residents, our fundraisers and our needs list or to find out more about our Rainbow Angel Programme.

NPO No: 043-824

PBO Number: 930059776

072 477 2319 (Teresa)

074 746 6049 (Lindiwe)