Needs List

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Needs List

Rainbow Children’s Village relies on the support of its donors and volunteers to provide a valuable service to our beneficiaries.  If you can assist with any of the items on this list, please contact to organise collections.

Dreams come True


  • replace our laminate floors that have worn away in certain parts of the house;
  • repair the skirtings in certain parts of the house;
  • repair or block holes into the crawl space to stop rats from entering that space;
  • tiling the floor of the laundry room;
  • repair zozo (the wooden slats are pulling apart);
  • replace the roof of the house;
  • purchase a vehicle for the home; and
  • repair the gutters of the house.

Non Perishables

Maize meal, oil, peanut butter, long life milk, jam, tea, coffee, brown sugar, rice, instant porridge, oats, Weetbix, herbs and spices, popcorn seeds, macaroni, cornflakes, fruit juice, 2-minute noodles, custard, jelly, biscuits, Mabele porridge, Movite, gravy powder, pilchard fish, baked beans.


yogurt, fruit, cheese, polony, bread, mince, salad ingredients, muffins, mixed vegetables, stewing meat, chicken, potatoes, carrots, frozen pizza, burger patties, viennas, hake, eggs, spinach, chicken livers, sausage rolls.

Stationery & Toys

Colouring in books, A4 paper for printing, cartridge for printer (ask us for the name of printer), scissors, glue sticks, puzzles (age 0 – 10), modelling clay, cellophane, age-appropriate toys and educational toys.

Toiletries & Cleaning Products

toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, furniture polish, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, air freshener, toilet paper, Savlon/Dettol.

Shopping Vouchers

Any grocery store voucher

Makro/Cash and Carry

Hardware Stores

Any clothing stores.

Bric-a-Brac for our Jumble sales

Any items that cannot be used in our home will be placed in our jumble sale and sold to raise funds for the organisation.  Contact for collection or drop off.

Rainbow Angel Programme

Join our Rainbow Angel Programme for as little as R100 per month and you can assist in providing a child in need with a roof over their head, food in their tummy, a warm bed at night and a loving and caring home.  Click on the logo to download the brochure about the  Rainbow Angel Programme and ways to contribute to the programme.

NPO No: 043-824

PBO Number: 930059776

064 683 4452 (Teresa)

071 229 5242 (Bonizwa)

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      • Sunday:  12am – 3pm